22 Best Side Hustles UK: You Can Work from Home on the Side to Make Money

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Looking for the best side hustles to start doing in the UK to make money on the side working from home?

We have done the research to find the easiest to start side hustle jobs which you can get started with today with no upfront investment, apart from your time obviously.

Most of these jobs can be done remotely with just an internet contention and a digital device like a laptop. So if you are keen to start doing location-independent work and get paid while being at home or traveling like a digital nomad then this list of jobs can help you get started with online freelancing work.

What are the benefits of a Side Hustle?

With the population boom around the world and ongoing work automation through AI and robotics, a scarcity of jobs is becoming a problem for many. Such factors have given rise to the extremely popular phenomenon that Gen Z has coined ‘side hustles.’

Now, with a side hustle, to explain it in simple terms, any job one takes up is to earn quick and extra cash. Usually, it is not the main source of income for a person but rather an income top-up option.

Side hustles are often taken by workers who feel or realize their salaries are not enough to support their families, their lifestyle, or older retired individuals who don’t feel like sitting back home doing anything, but wish to pursue a simple day job and make a little money in the process.  Young school and college kids often also want to or need to earn more than the meager pocket money they receive. Side hustlers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and motivations.

Similarly, side hustles are of varied types and earnings and are a great starting point to work online. But one thing that connects all the dots is the energetic persuasion of a job, alongside their respective daily cycle of activities in life for whatever motive they do it for.

Rise of a Side Hustle to Pay the Bills

In most instances, people take up a side hustle following a skill set they already have or they are keen on learning rather quickly or while working.

Side hustles ensure you don’t work tirelessly for the money which would somewhat simply mean, pursuing two-day jobs instead of a ‘SIDE’ hustle.

As the name suggests, one must make sure they balance it well in life and that these side hustles are assets that could provide them with constant financial aid, especially with rising living costs ahead.

Experts are warning that there is a possible 18% inflation next year in the UK. A quarterly review by Ofgem could send monthly energy bills skyrocketing to £4,000 or more this winter.

You could earn up to £5,000 annually and defray the higher cost of gas and energy with a part-time side hustle, even if you only work around 130 days for 3 hours daily.

So, get into gear and check out this best side hustles UK list to make that extra dosh.

Top 22 Side Hustles UK

In a country like the UK, with a diverse cultural landscape, innovation, tradition, and history, the job market offer side hustles and hustlers plenty of opportunities with something for everyone.

The opportunities in the UK are not limited to this country with the internet making it possible to work anywhere in the world beyond borders. However, it is important that one pick and pursues the right-side hustles according to their goals.

To help you begin your journey on the right track we list the 22 best side hustles so you can work from home on the side to make extra money.

1. Teaching or Tutoring

work-from-home-teachingBe it a subject at school, a dance form, or something else. We all are masters of at least one of them. What better way to put it to use? Then teaching the younger generations in exchange for a fee online. With both parties mutually benefitting from the agreement. The fees wouldn’t probably be as high as an established institute of the same provision, but neither are you investing as much time or energy to pursue it full time. Check out these well-paid tutoring job platforms to apply.

2. Selling

what-side-hustles-pay-the-most-selling-onlineOne of the oldest businesses in humanity is that of the barter system. While the system has evolved, a similar pattern of handing out cash in return for a commodity is still going strong, presumably for a few more centuries. One of the easiest side hustles following the ideology is selling/reselling. You could be selling products for a company in your free time online or buying used stuff and reselling it for a profit and/or more ways. Simply sell your own products or work as an intermediary, put your business mind and prowess to use, and churn out profits out of what others presume waste. Check out our ecommerce sales tactics guide for more hacks.

3. Content writing

best-side-hustles-you-can-start-content-writingWith companies in constant need of writers, provide them the services on a budget and make a few pounds out of it for yourself. You can get started as a Blogger and work your way to get more content writing gigs. Your best way to start is by building your blog with the content you’ve written. If you optimize the content well to rank higher up on search engines like Google then you will get visitors that will spread the word about your work. The best way to get content writing gigs is by having a well-built blog site that ranks higher on Google and gets traffic. Showing that to your target clients will definitely land you more and more work. Learn more about content marketing strategies here.

4. Surveying websites

Survey and review websites, write feedback, suggest improvements, and earn. This is not easier anymore like in the good old days however there are a bunch of sites that still pay well.

5. Pet walking

side-hustle-ideas-in-the-uk-pet-walkingTake pets out on a stroll and take care of them while their owners are too busy to do it themselves and earn a tenner or more per hour for your piggy bank.

6. Sell stock images

best-paying-side-hustles-in-the-uk-sell-stock-imagesWith every smartphone equipped with a decent camera these days, click a few quality images here and there, sell them online according to subjects, and earn out of it. For a lifetime. As long as your photos are used you keep earning while potentially being credited so you’ll also establish your name online.

7. Babysitting

side-hustle-ideas-to-make-money-babysittingTake care of children while their parents are away and earn in the process. One of the most fun side hustles, and even though not the easiest, but can be very lucrative in big cities like London with high demand.

8. Manage social media

boost-your-income-with-side-hustles-social-media-marketingTake over the social media of businesses or celebrities and influencers and facilitate their growth and engagement while earning out of it, which is fun if you are constantly on your socials anyway.

9. Mystery shopping

best-uk-side-hustle-ideas-mystery-shoppingWork for companies to test out new products and services and review their customer services and facilities. Easy, efficient, and in line with what Gen Z loves most: shopping.

10. Make vlogs

side-hustle-ideas-to-help-you-make-extra-cash-vloggingMake videos of your everyday life and post them on YouTube or TikTok. Make it engaging and entertaining. You could earn a fortune and even become a celebrity or influencer, all for no big investments whatsoever.

11. NFTs and digital products

best-side-hustles-uk-online-tradingWith the hype mounting, make or sell digital art and products. Work as an intermediary or make it on your own. You’re sure to earn a big chunk if you keep at it.

12. Sell art

work-from-home-on-the-side-to-make-money-selling-artIf you’re an artist, pick up your phones, too, alongside your brushes and pencil. Sell your artwork online. And make money out of it.

13. Transcription projects

what-side-hustles-pay-the-most-transcriptionWith a range of work that goes behind running any media company. Transcription doesn’t require much skill, and companies are looking for freelancers to do their work on a contractual basis. Make the most out of it.

14. Betting

best-side-hustles-you-can-start-bettingA tax-free legal way of earning money, which is of course risky. You place bets across possible outcomes and gamble for a hopeful fortune. Do not invest all your money and make sure you use reliable software to help with better outcomes.

15. Cake baking

side-hustle-ideas-in-the-uk-cake-bakingTake customized orders, bake cakes for events, parties, etc., and get them delivered as most outlets don’t customize or take the time to do so. Use the gap in supply and demand for your profit.

16. Translate

best-paying-side-hustles-in-the-uk-translationIf you’re bilingual or know more than one language. Put it to use. Translate scripts, work, etc., into different languages. And earn.

17. Website development

side-hustle-ideas-to-make-money-from-home-website-developmentBuild and design your own or help others do so. And gain profits out of one of the most trending job types.

18. Tech support

boost-your-income-with-side-hustles-tech-supportProvide personalized tech support. Freelance in the sector. And help people out with their technical issues. Charge for your assistance. This is a job you can do from anywhere and all you need is a PC and an internet connection. Many web hosting companies like SeekaHost may be looking for tech support specialists with WordPress, Server management, and all the things web services experts. So if you are one of them, apply and get the job to hustle on the side in the evenings after your day job.

19. Freelance musician

best-uk-side-hustle-ideas-musicianOffer services as a DJ, music producer, singer, etc. Whatever you may be an expert in. Sell and propagate your works online. Become a ghost producer or charge for your works and services.

20. Graphic designing

side-hustle-ideas-to-help-you-make-extra-cash-graphic-designCompanies are in need of making their websites and works attractive. There’s a huge market for graphic designers to hop onto and earn.

21. Run/manage a podcast

best-side-hustles-uk-podcastingHost a podcast of your own or manage the notes and scripts for one that someone else hosts. Podcasts are a massive hit lately and making no good use of the phenomenon despite having the necessary skill sets. It is a foolish move.

22. Become a virtual assistant

work-from-home-on-the-side-to-make-money-virtual-assistantProvide people assistance in their everyday tasks and follow what they ask from you. From managing social media posts to setting alarms. Do what you do for yourself and others. Easy and efficient.


As you can see, anyone has some of the skills required to do some of the side hustle jobs listed here. So using these to cash out money is what the ideology of a side hustle somewhat is.

Side hustles have seen a hike in numbers during the pandemic over two years, with more and more people utilizing their free time to learn and teach skills, sell goods, and a lot more online.

More than 99.9% of all UK businesses are small to medium-sized and many need online support or services. Around 46% of people in the UK have started a side hustle.

With this side hustle spirit and the era of connectivity joining hands in a widespread way, online side hustles have taken up pace and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

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