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What is business email hosting?

With its ubiquitous format and address, the email is far from dying. With larger and larger storage space, an email account is indispensable as an archive for all business communications, bank statements, tax returns, and more.

What’s different about business email hosting? It has a domain that is of the form, instead of ending with the generic,, or The element of your identity is ingrained in the fact that this address is linked to your domain name (website name). This gives your communications a more professional look.

Also, business email hosting allows the use of POP and newer IMAP protocols that will enable you to use Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Apple Mail as an email client. This lets you store email on local drives and access them even when there is no internet connection available.

Why you need business email hosting?


Most business emails are used via clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird. Just as the browser provides access to reading web-based email, a local machine email client allows you to read emails stored on a server.

Where would you store this server- on-premises, or allow a dedicated email hosting provider to look after your needs?

Of course, one cannot but mention Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign and her emails as Secretary of State that was hacked by nefarious actors. She had made the mistake of storing them on a private server that was on-premise. Security was lacking, and hackers found it easy to steal her communications. It cost her the Oval Office.

This is the first and most overarching reason for cloud hosting of business email. You need security all the time so that no one can probe your emails and find out the latest projects you have been working on and how much has been bid.

Just to clarify, even an individual could purchase cloud hosting for their email, but it makes more financial sense for a business to do so.


If you have a server at your place of business, you need trained IT staff. A server cannot be managed in the same way your laptop or smart device can be. It requires expertise and an understanding of networking and security. This is an added cost that most small businesses cannot afford. This is why it is better to use business email hosting.

Instead of investing in expensive hardware and making sure that you have the latest and best antivirus, just use your email service without any hassle or worry. The amount that you save can surely be put to better use by your business.

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What to look at when buying email hosting?

You need high security and low cost when you are shopping around for business email hosting. But those are not the only deciding factors. There are other critical criteria you should pay heed to.



A reputed email hosting service would offer you complete control over the settings of your email. Since you are not an IT expert, the user interface should be simple, and most of the features that you need regularly should be within easy reach. Even if you are beginner to business email creation, with you can easily get custom email address. Get started with business friendly super-fast emails hosting solution.



Excellent email services seldom fail. But you do need support from tie to time. That is why there should be support by phone or chat. This is crucial since support by email cannot happen when the email is down. The support team must have the expertise to correct the flaw quickly and provide you with at least 99.5% uptime. We provide 24/7 technical support and remote assistance whenever you need email troubleshooting.


Flexibility and Migration

Chances are you use 2-4 computing devices, switching between your workstation, laptop, and smart devices. Each of these should be able to seamlessly connect with the email service. That is why the email hosting provider has to give a smooth connection no matter what you are accessing it from. Your desktop might be running Windows 7, laptop Windows 10, and smart devices iOS or Android. All of them have to sync.

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  • 5GB of email storage



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  • 3 mailboxes included
  • 15GB of email storage



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  • 50GB of email storage



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  • 20 mailboxes included
  • 100GB of email storage

Anti-spam protection

Robust technology

Private, ad-free email

Flexible storage options

POP3, IMAP, webmail

Fully localized webmail

No additional costs

24/7 Expert Support

Best email hosting services

SeekaHost email packages are easy to set up, quickly configured, and have all the useful features you need for effective business communication.

A unique personal email address would make your business seem more credible to clients and stakeholders and build your reputation.

Yet it does not cost much at all. The packages start at a reasonable price of £ 0.75 per month and offer to host one mailbox and 5 GB of email storage.

If you need more, opt for the Enterprise package, that costs £ 15.00 per month and allows you to operate twenty mailboxes with 100GB email storage.

On top of this, you have access to 24×7 phone support, PHP 7.3 ready backend, single-click app installer for WordPress, and SSL certificates.

Best email hosting services
email hosting for business

In brief, with SeekaHost email you get –

  • Protection by the top of the line anti-malware
  • Ability to use any popular email client MS Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird
  • Send huge attachments without any worry and store an unlimited number of old archived emails
  • Readily sync with iOS or Android mobile devices
  • A low cost that is unrivaled
email hosting for business

Cheap Email Hosting For UK Business Services

Small businesses require access to safe and cheap communication. SeekaHost can provide dependable service with 99.9% uptime for just a few pounds.

With unlimited inbox, there is no worry of running out of space or going through the headache of deleting old emails. Sort your incoming mails into folders and keep in touch with all the information at all times, whether in your office or on the move.

You don’t need to download any software. Within a few minutes of signing up, tech assistance would walk you through the process of creating your account and logging in to your cPanel. With a clean and straightforward layout and professional yet friendly service, you would be sending emails to colleagues, partners, and clients in an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Business email hosting is a specialised hosting service for users that want a personalised, professional business email address using an ad-free, secure and platform with sufficient storage. Business Email Hosting allows you to create email addresses for different purposes – for example, you could create sales@yourbusinessdomain to promote deals to new customers on your website but have a separate address like info@yourbusinessdomain for existing customers to contact you directly. As all your emails will be hosted together, you’ll be able to manage all your mailboxes from one location, allowing you to create new addresses or reset passwords quickly and easily. Business email hosting will provide you with all the features you are used to from established providers like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, while having a personalised email address that gives you a professional appearance. This helps you to set your business apart from others using a generic Yahoo or Gmail address while building more trust in your brand.

You will get one free business email hosting with your domain, but you can buy any of our Email Hosting packages on their own. If you want your email address in the same name as your business website, you will need to own a Domain Name. You can easily transfer or buy a domain at the same time as you get an email package to ensure it is all in sync.

You absolutely can! At SeekaHost we understand that you are probably used to one software you mainly use to manage your emails, therefore you can check your email with any software that allows you to connect to an IMAP or POP3 mail server. Our Email Hosting is compatible with many popular brands such as:

- Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express - Microsoft Windows Live Mail - Apple Mail - Mozilla Mail - Thunderbird

We recommend using Outlook for Exchange however several other mail clients also support this Microsoft based protocol. When you buy email hosting services from SeekaHost, we’ll give you all the settings you need to get started with your specific program to add your new email account.

Of course! We understand that you are multitasking to run your business so our business email solution can be checked from any device with an internet connection from anywhere. You would only be required to either access your business emails via Web Mail or your chosen software where you have added your email account and you are good to go.

If you need more storage space for your emails or the files you send, we have other email hosting solutions you can upgrade to easily. You can conveniently upgrade to the Enterprise Email package with up to 100GB storage.

- You can create unique and purposeful email addresses with your brand name
- You can choose an email hosting package that suits your needs
- You can ensure that all email communication is private and is not shared with third parties
- You can enjoy your email accounts securely and free from advertisement or tracking
- You can better market your business with branded business emails that build trust

When you purchase our business email hosting, your business emails will be set up with WebMail, which works like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail or Yahoo, but may look a bit different. It is an email system that provides you access to your emails via the web browser. All you need is an internet connection, and you can send and receive emails using any device.

At SeekaHost we understand that managing email systems may not be your favourite task, so when you opt for the Enterprise package for example, you can operate twenty mailboxes with 100GB disk space, while having access to 24/7 customer support for ultimate convenience and security.



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