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Choose with SeekaPanel for hosting domains on WordPress or with cPanel if that’s what you are looking for. You can try SeekaPanel our premium web hosting panel with a 7 days free trial and we are confident you will not look back.

Why choose SeekaHost web hosting?


High Performing CPU

SeekaHost provides the best UK servers with high performance CPU for optimal website loading time and high traffic site durability.


Tech Support

Best technology support services provide 24/7 for our business website hosting clients by the experts in UK servers site hosting.


Unlimited SSD

Unlimited SSD Hosting for the fastest website loading and performance enhancement with best data storage.


UK Servers

UK hosting servers for UK based business website hosting to get the highest loading speeds and user experience for your website users.


Scalable Space

We provide a user-friendly interface with easy to web hosting package options from the client area inside SeekaHost portal.



DDOS prevention technologies are used to protect your websites from malicious attempt to disrupt normal traffic to a website.

Cheap, Secure & Reliable Website Hosting Services

UK’s cheapest web hosting plans are designed for those who need small web space for their blogs and web sites. Also some time you may need many of those sites hosting on multiple Class (Class A, Class B, and Class C) IPs offers search engine optimization benefit to each website or blog. Cheap web hosting combined with cPanel and 1 click install using Softaculous or Fantastico makes SeekaHost absolutely irresistible.

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How the UK's cheapest and best host can help you?

What really matters when starting a website or blog is finding the best domain name. Once you’re excited about registering your domain, don’t just get web hosting with any provider, but with a reliable host. SeekaHosters offers both so you can rest assured that from the starting point of registering your website, it’s all in good hands. Because SeekaHost offer all the customer support and online education to build the desired virtual properties you have in mind.

I have been with SeekaHost since I started my very first blog,, and due to my very positive experience I recommended it to all my friends who also started their own websites, opting for SeekaHost.


Currently I am involved with SeekaHost through web content creation and editing for hundreds of web platforms that are hosted by this top web hosting company. Having hosted my blogs with SeekaHost for the last 2 years, I can reliably say that the uptime and site speed are always as promised, which is crucial for a content creator and online marketer like myself.

I would highly recommend anyone to start with the cheap hosting package, as I did, which you can first trial and test for yourself to see if what I say is true. Discover how SeekaHost offer the UK’s most affordable and best web hosting services for personal websites and utilize all the resources available to SeekaHost customers for best outcomes. You can reach me via email for anything you want to know about starting your own blog and how SeekaHost services can help you get online.

Why choose our hosting packages?

We are the cheapest hosting provider in the UK, however, our robust network of web hosting servers are stationed in premium data centres in London, UK and around the world. That’s to give you the opportunity to pick where you would like to host your websites.

We’re highly selective when it comes to our hosting network partners, and we have a very rigorous selection process to ensure that all data centres comply with our own very high standards. We’re committed to maintaining a great network that lets you pick and choose where your websites will be hosted cheaply but securely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cheap web hosting is a web hosting where a physical server hosts multiple sites. Each user has access to features such as databases, disk space, email accounts, and other add-ons provided by the host. Cheap web hosting services are low cost because the cost of maintaining the server is split amongst all the users.

Yes, cheap web hosting is very safe because the hosting company takes all the measures to protect users from hackers and viruses.

No, cheap web hosting providers do not compromise on website speed. Here cheap refers to the price and not the quality. We use the best hardware and ensure all our users enjoy uninterrupted uptime and reliable performance always.

Yes, we provide automatic content and database backup to all our users. We have an option for scheduled backups that can be pre-set by the user. Our manual backup option starts with a single click. We also offer a restore backup option that helps restore content and data from the backups. And we provide 24x7 support to all our customers.

Yes, cheap web hosting providers do offer unlimited space. Users can choose according to their needs and enjoy our reliable and secure web hosting services. Your hosting plan will decide the space your business gets on the server. The disk space, data transfer speed, MySQL databases, and the number of sites depend on the plan you opt for. But all our users enjoy unlimited email accounts, sub-domains, and free SSL certificates.

Yes, you can upgrade your account if you decide to expand your business or business needs. The experience for both business hosting and normal hosting is not very different. However, upgrading your hosting services gives you more resources. It will give you a dedicated server and other add-ons that you did not get earlier.

Cheap web hosting new accounts are set up instantly. New user hosting accounts are activated automatically once the order has been placed along with the billing. However, it does take 24-48 hours to set up the website either new or migrating an existing website from another hosting service.

The web hosting services price will depend on the plan you opt for. Also, the price will fluctuate according to the duration. If you choose to pay a monthly bill, the charges will be higher when compared to annual bill payments. If you choose to stay with a web hosting provider for the long term and pay the price for more than a year of subscription, the charges will be very low.

Yes, we will provide complete assistance in migrating your existing website from your web hosting provider. We ensure that the website migration does not result in any downtime for your business.

Questions about hosting?

We'd be happy to help you choose the right cheap web hosting package or provide all the support to get your websites hosted with SeekaHost.

SeekaHost UK is commited to provide the most realible and cheapest website hosting services from London based servers for the United Kingdom and believes in building strong relationships with our customers. Our focus is to deliver on our hosting promises and go beyond customer expectations.

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