SEO Consultancy Services for UK Business

Are you a UK business owner looking or SEO consultancy services to grow your business online with search engine optimization? – If yes, we have the best SEO consultants.

SeekaHost grew fast due to its online visibility on Google. Our mother company ClickDo™ started by London SEO Consultant supports local business owners with SEO services. 

We know that any business owner seeks for search engine optimization and it’s vital for their business success. So we have the best SEO advisors and consultancy services to help your business websites rank higher on Google.

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How to get SEO Consultancy from us?

You must be one of our business web hosting services customers to get free SEO consultancy advice and on page SEO support. All our business web hosting services customers gets a VIP support for their business websites. 

We do offer Google AdWords Campaigns at an affordable fee for our business customers and also free business listing on top UK business directories. The free listing on top 100 plus UK business directories will greatly help your UK business websites to rank higher on Google search engine.  

As the UK’s best business web hosting services company our goal is to help your business thrive with online marketing. And we understand how search engine works and how important is Google SEO and organic SEO traffic generation.   

We have the SEO training courses provided by our mother company ClickDo via ClickDo Academy. The courses are free for our business customers and after support is provided via email and phone for business owners and their staff. 

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Our SEO Consultancy process? 

This is how we can help any business in the UK with SEO services.

Once you join SeekaHost business website hosting plans we will have a SEO audit on your website (You must request). And we will advice what needs to be fixed and that you can get your web masters to fix or else we can do that for you for a nominal fee. 

After the On-Page SEO is fixed and ready to go on Google search, we have the UK business listing to list the business domain name (URL) on the top 100 business directories.

And then after we will write a custom SEO blueprint for your business websites which will show how to do off site SEO, where to get backlinks and how to utilize guest posting services. 

If you need to buy backlinks, there are backlinks packages at ClickDo. 

Call us for any questions and personalised SEO advice and support for your UK business websites. Please note that this SEO consultancy services are only for SeekaHost customers.

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