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SeekaHost™ gives you everything to create, manage and grow online

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#1 British Web Hosting

SeekaHost brings you the cheapest business web hosting packages for your personal web hosting and UK based business web hosting needs. Today every person or business seeks web hosting service that is reliable, efficient and affordable. At SeekaHost we offer you all these, the best and the cheapest web hosting plans in the market.

With years of experience and use of the latest web hosting technologies, servers and web platforms, the integrity of our systems have been tested for over a decade to assure best performance of your websites. Just check the performance of our site the signature of our credentials in UK web hosting knowledge and services that we bring.

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Best Web Hosting Services Plans

Our UK website hosting services will power your websites on the internet with 24/7 support.

Business Hosting

  • For Business Websites

  • Scalable Web Space

  • Free Emails Accounts

  • cPanel Control Panel

  • One-Click App Installer

  • Free SSL Certificate

  • 24/7 Tech Support


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WordPress Hosting

  • Smart Hosting

  • Web Space Scaling

  • Free Emails Accounts

  • Easy Control Panel

  • 1 Click WP Installer

  • Free SSL Certificate

  • Daily Backup


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London Servers

  • One-Click Installer

  • cPanel Account

  • London Location

  • Developer Friendly

  • Guaranteed Uptime

  • Free Domain Name

  • Lite Speed Server


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Dedicated Servers

  • Dedicated Resources

  • High Speed Servers

  • Instant Provisioning

  • Developer Friendly

  • Guaranteed Uptime

  • Windows/Linux Servers

  • Free SSL Certificate


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Our 100% UK Based Support Is Ready To Assist...

We pride ourselves on offering the best technical support service like no other web hosting company in United Kingdom.


99.9% Uptime

We guarantee 99.9% uptime on our web hosting services and we take all efforts to provide you with a smooth hosting experience with us. It’s our obligation!

Bandwidth Speed

You get the best bandwidth speed to support your websites to run super-fast and SeekaHost is famous for its internal fast hosting services.

Server Speed

We use the latest servers in our datacentres situated around the globe and you can get the servers in closest proximity to your business when buying hosting.

Powerful System

Our systems are well designed, and security is at its best. So, you can peacefully run your web hosting without having to worry about anything.

Everything Bloggers Need to Get Online

SeekaHost understands what the best web hosting should look like and therefore offers the following advantages:

  • Scalable tariffs with no minimum term with high flexibility
  • Free SSL & Migration Services
  • Automatic and regular updates & backups of all website content
  • Web Hosting professionals help in live chat and via email ticket system
  • Easy and fast domain registration and creation of your WordPress website in minutes
  • Unique hosting management panel with many features that no other Web Hosting Provider offers

UK's Most Reliable Business Web Hosting

Domain registration and web hosting as well as support for all your web services requirements such as transferring domains, website migration and much more.


High Performing CPU

SeekaHost provides the best UK servers with high performance CPU for optimal website loading time and high traffic site durability.


Tech Support

Best technology support services provide 24/7 for our business website hosting clients by the experts in UK servers site hosting.


Unlimited SSD

Unlimited SSD Hosting for the fastest website loading and performance enhancement with best data storage.


UK Servers

UK hosting servers for UK based business website hosting to get the highest loading speeds and user experience for your website users.


Scalable Space

We provide a user-friendly interface with easy to web hosting package options from the client area inside SeekaHost portal.



DDOS prevention technologies are used to protect your websites from malicious attempt to disrupt normal traffic to a website.


UK's Best WordPress Host

WordPress is the most used CMS when it comes to building websites in the UK. And web hosting for WordPress websites must be reliable and optimised for performance. At SeekaHost we help anyone get online with the best domain names and WordPress web hosting packages that are fully managed. You can buy the desired hosting packages after your test with a 7 days free trail. Create an account and get started hosting your WordPress websites and blogs with everything you need to succeed online. You can get free access to SeekaHost University to learn digital marketing and blogging skills taught by Fernando Raymond and his team of experts in web dynamics. So get started hosting your WordPress sites today.

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Easy To Use Web Hosting Control Panel

SeekaHost knows that simplicity is important to many web hosting customers and therefore offers the following benefits with the unique WordPress Hosting Control Panel:

  • Flexible rates without minimum contract terms and setup fees
  • Free SSL & Migration Services
  • Automatic and regular updates & backups of all website content
  • Web Hosting Support in Live Chat and Via Email Ticket System
  • Smooth and fast domain registration and creation of your WordPress website in minutes
  • Unique WordPress management panel with many features that no other Web Host offers

Ultimate Hosting Solution for WordPress

SeekaHost provides everything you need to host a WordPress website or blog with easy to use control panel that includes the best functions.


1-Click WP Installation

With the 1-click installer, you can install and activate WordPress CMS and other applications in just 60 seconds with one click. From the dashboard, you can quickly add your SeekaHost WordPress or PBN hosting plans, update your private name server details, and activate a free SSL certificate.


Domain Registration

In your Blog Hosting Control Panel, you can easily search and register a domain or transfer a domain from another host with just a few clicks. And the great thing is that you never have to leave your dashboard. No more annoying back and forth between different accounts or pages. Do everything conveniently in your dashboard.


1-Click WP Backups

Regular backups of your WordPress websites are critical to keeping your content and data safe. With innovative export solutions from the dashboard, you can quickly create your own backups and import them into the new domain. With WordPress you can activate automatic plugin updates and our technical support helps as well.


Website Data Trackers

In the SeekaHost WP Hosting Control Panel, you can connect your Google Analytics and Clicky account with your domain to view your website data live. Add your tracking code that you received when you registered and you’ll have all the stats, such as the number of website visitors and more, in your control panel in front of you.


Multiple IP Hosting

Find the cheapest WordPress or PBN hosting plans for multiple UK location servers that offer you a variety of unique IPs to host your websites. Manage dozens of blogs with all the features of the SeekaHost Control Panel. PBNs are an advantage for SEO with individual IP addresses.


24/7 Tech Support

At SeekaHost, we know how important the best and fastest technical support is. With a live chat and the effective ticket system, customers can get their questions and concerns answered 7 days a week via their dashboard. They also have access to FAQs in the Control Panel, where many questions are answered.

SeekaHost & WordPress: Perfect Partners

At SeekaHost we aim to provide the best possible CMS to go with our comprehensive blog hosting to enable super easy access to the website. WordPress is the ideal partner and the SeekaHosters have tested the CMS for user advantages.


Easy WordPress Installs

Having the 1-Click WordPress installation is important and with the SeekaHost Blog hosting system. With the latest control panel, you can install WordPress on a domain and get online in less than 60 seconds. This is the world's best WordPress Blog hosting technology and been tested at the SeekaHost labs for over 5 years before passing to the mass markets.


Faster loading with SSDs

With WordPress site installations we provide the world's fastest WordPress hosting services. There are many providers that say their hosting is fast but to be honest it's only their sites and not the hosted client sites. We have used the best WP hosting technologies and gear the WP engine to super charge the blogs with ultra-fast loading via high-performance servers.


Best WP Hosting Dashboard

All in one dashboard gives everything to help anyone get online with a WP blog or self-hosted WP website. The site trackers and blog server usage data shows how you doing with your sites and blogs and it helps you grow your blogsites faster. The dashboard also gives you direct access to the knowledge base as well as the SeekaHost University courses. More courses will be accessible from the dashboard so you got everything to succeed online.


24/7 Experts To Support

The 24/7 tech support is vital for anyone who hosts a site and we have been successfully providing live chat support around clock over the years, it has been one of our main success factors. And our customers recommend us over any other WordPress host in the world. We may be young as a hosting company but our domain has been on the web since 2000. SeekaHost is one of the world's oldest hosts and we are on a missing to greatest web hosting company in the world.

SeekaHost For WordPress

You have probably already read why SeekaHost & WordPress are the best combo in the market. Together with WordPress we can bring you the most efficient and reliable blog hosting control panel there is. WordPress comes with many great features such as a built-in updates management system, fantastic free themes and plugins for blog customization and you can make the most of such extras through our unique blog hosting control panel giving you the fastest and easiest access to all your WordPress sites. At SeekaHost we want you to create the best websites and blogs out there and because WordPress let us you embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Tweets, and Soundcloud audio by just pasting the URL in the WordPress post editor we believe we bring together the best of both worlds in our control panel.

Register The Perfect Domain Name

You can register your domains easily from inside the SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Control Panel. The All One-In-One dashboard gives your everything to get online.

Your Domain Name.

Get your domain and get online with a web presence.


Super Fast UK Server Hosting

At SeekaHost we provide 24/7 customer support and a live chat to help you. Our web hosting services support staff are based on 4 continents and they work around the clock.

That’s how we ensure you get the best support from the SeekaHost team. You can also open support tickets in the SeekaHost client area to get any questions answered about your UK website or hosting services.

All our technical staff have undergone extensive training for dealing with web hosting services, UK servers and data centres, so they can help you with all your questions.


Make The Switch To SeekaHost

Get immediate account activation or express transfer service to SeekaHost UK hosting servers.

  • People-powered site transfer

    No messy automation - get it done by experts

  • No downtime, Fast & Painless

    Express Transfer service included in all plans

  • Free Domain Transfer

    Free one-year domain renewal after transfer

  • 24/7 Priority Support

    Always-free in-house technical support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In the IT world, a host is a so-called server that contains several other web servers. The related English word "hosting" means that the content and data of a website is stored on such a web server.

General web hosting provides a virtual "space on the Internet" for websites for anyone who acquires it through a web hosting provider. A so-called server is required for this and web hosts own or rent them for their customers. They also manage them so that their customers always get the best web hosting. As a result, the customer's website, which is linked to a domain, is permanently accessible via the same address via the Internet. Customers pay for web hosting services as this is a very technical and complicated process that should be handled by professionals. Customers can purchase different types of web hosting, depending on their needs in terms of website performance.

We offer different hosting prices depending on the scope of services offered. Our web hosting plans are divided by storage capacity or the number of hosted websites and have different features to give our customers as much flexibility as possible. For basic websites our web hosting plans start at only £1 per month! And this excludes a setup fee or a minimum contract term. Even our extensive plans for e-commerce or business websites start at a cheap £1.50 per month. Convince yourself. Click here for our plans

If you are looking for the cheapest and best domains for the UK as well as the international market, then you are at the right place. Here you can easily buy domains with different extensions such as, .com and more by direct debit via your bank account or other payment methods such as PayPal at the best price. For as little as £8 a year, you get your dream domain and that's faster than ever. Via the unique Control Panel you can search for your domain, register it and it goes live in less than 60 seconds. Unbeatable!

SeekaHost is a UK-based web hoster with years of experience in web hosting in general, WordPress hosting and game hosting. SeekaHost offers the world's best managed hosting with unique and custom control panels for hosting and managing individual websites, blog networks with multiple IP addresses, Minecraft game servers and WordPress websites. This makes hosting a breeze and accessible to everyone, no matter how tech savvy. UK hosting is specifically offered from UK certified servers by SeekaHost and since it is an internationally successful company, it can keep costs as low as possible without offsetting hidden costs, such as set up fees or higher costs after the minimum contract term expires.

SeekaHost offers you a control panel designed specifically for the easiest, fastest and most convenient management of websites and hosting. How long does it take to host a website with SeekaHost? With the SeekaHost Hosting Control Panel, you can register and host a domain and go online in less than 60 seconds. The world's fastest hosting solution provided by SeekaHosters. In addition, SeekaHost offers you access to numerous tutorials via the customer portal as well as free online courses to learn online marketing, WordPress blogging, SEO and much more.

You have the 1-click backup solution in the Web Hosting Control Panel. This is easy to use and all instructions are available in the panel to use the backup services for free. Your Control Panel gives you access to your websites, their contents and backup files at any time. Simply click "Backup" in your dashboard for your website and you'll automatically download all your website content that you can securely back up to your computer or external storage. This means that you always have the backed up and most current version of your website.

SeekaHost offers cheap PBN hosting plans that allow you to host dozens of websites and blogs. With these plans, different IP addresses are assigned to your websites, which is important if you want to build private blog networks for SEO purposes or for the business of guest contribution services to monetize websites. The advantage with SeekaHost is that you have an overview of all your websites about your control panel and can manage them conveniently in one place.

Yes, SeekaHost offers all new customers a 7-day free trial for a registered hosting plan. After 7 days, you can decide whether you want to continue using the services. Conveniently, you can continue and customize the SeekaHost Hosting Services via the Hosting Control Panel and choose a monthly or annual payment that can be cancelled at any time.

Yes, you can select "Upgrade" or "Downgrade" for your hosting plans with just one click. And if you need a custom plan, you can always open a support ticket or ask us for assistance in the Live Chat.

Yes, we support the transfer of websites/blogs from other hosts. We have all the resources and tips in our knowledge base and take over the migration free of charge in the shortest possible time.

We offer free digital marketing courses through SeekaHost University. You can access the courses for free via the SeekaHost Control Panel, learn about the courses and learn online for free. The analysis tools in the Control Panel help you with SEO and planning your online success.

Make the switch to SeekaHost today.

We have servers across all continents so you can ask us which country you wish to get your websites hosted.

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