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If your business is based in London and you are catering to London-based customers who search online on Google for what you are offering, then hosting your business websites on a London-based dedicated server is the best thing you can do.

A London-based server can give your business website the optimal performance and speed when it comes to loading time.

We’ve tested at ClickDo how the speed impact SEO as well as the user experience of a website affects the search results and found that speed and user experience help SEO. So, providing the best possible performance for your business website will significantly help your conversions and sales via the website.

What is a London-based server?

A London based server means your host is based in London with the closest proximity to your business location. So, the speed it can reach your website files is at its highest.

We believe that having a host in the same city as the business location is the best option when it comes to the online performance of your website.

Why would you ever want to host your business websites in another city when your business is based in London and your target audience is right there.

At ClickDo SEO agency in London, we have tested London server hosting for hundreds of websites that operate in London. You can read this case study on how changing the hosting helped the services company website ranks on Google.

Also, we’ve got feedback from an Employment Lawyer on how hosting his websites on our London-based servers helped the budge on Google. You can see it on and

What’s the best when it comes to London web hosting?

There are many options when it comes to a London web hosting service, and you will be confused to pick the right London-based hosting for your business websites.

At SeekaHost, there are several business web hosting plans:

  1. London Shared Server Hosting
  2. London Dedicated server
  3. Managed London server hosting
  4. London VPS hosting
  5. Managed amazon cloud hosting

And if you are looking for cheaper options there are shared hosting servers that are based in London. However, we do not recommend it for your business unless you can’t afford any of the above-mentioned options.

It’s worth to invest £20 to £67 per month for the top 2, and if you can go up to £100 plus per month, you can get the ultimate web hosting performance from a London server cloud hosting.

However, you do not have spent that much and now you can get the website hosted for just £139 per year which comes to less than £12 per month.


We also work with amazon servers, and Kasun Sameera is an expert in setting up AWS cloud server deployments for business websites. It’s advised you contact a London web hosting services expert to give you the best options.

If you are an agency that needs to host thousands of websites for SEO services or your client’s sites, it’s vital to get multiple IPs for your WordPress sites. SeekaHost offers up to 2000 unique IPs for websites. So, you can make sure all the websites are on unique IPs and nothing clashes.

SeekaHost offers the cheapest hosting for blogs, and they can be purchased from multiple London servers. So, if you are an agency looking for unique IPs in London based VPS or dedicated servers, you can get in touch with our SeekaHost technical advisers.

How to get business web hosting with a London server?

If you have questions about hosting your London-based business on a London web hosting server, get in touch with or contact us via phone for a free consultation.

SeekaHost is the ultimate web hosting solution for your business website!


You can see our best selling London server hosting package online.

You can reach Fernando and book a free 10 minute consultation to look at your business website and identify where it is hosted and what would be the best business website hosting solution.

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