Should You Use Shared Hosting or Dedicated Server to Host Your UK Business?

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Are you confused about shared hosting and dedicated hosting?

Well in this post, I’ll be explaining what they are and the pros and cons of both sides.

By the end of this post, you will know which hosting server is best for your UK business.

Dedicated server

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated server/hosting is where only your site(s) are hosted on that server.

This results in faster speeds and safer hosting.

You’re all alone and that server was made specifically for you to rent.

This is a fantastic way to host your website.


There is one big, nasty downside.

With a dedicated server, you will have to pay more. With shared hosting, you have other people to help you pay for the server costs.

Think about it like renting a property.

If only you live in that property, you will have to pay all the bills. But if you have other people living with you, you can split the expense between you all.


  • Faster load times
  • More secure
  • Unique IP


  • Costs more than shared hosting

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is where you share a particular server with other users.

This results in lower costs.

Of course, the biggest upside to this is having cheap hosting.


The big negatives are slower loading speeds, it’s not as secure, and you could have your server’s IP blacklisted.

You see, other people, sharing the same server as you may be spamming websites and engaging in shady SEO tactics.

This may even result in getting your website on Google’s bad side, equating to lower Google rankings.

Heck, you could even get penalized or deindexed!


  • Dirt cheap hosting


  • Slower loading speeds compared to dedicated servers
  • Not as secure as dedicated servers
  • Chance of your server’s IP being blacklisted because other people on the same servers may be spamming

Which hosting package is right for me?

If you’re on a super strict budget and watching every penny, you should go with shared hosting. It has reasonable speeds and can get the job done. But if you’re in need of more speed and space but still can’t afford a dedicated server, it’s best to go with some other options.

If you can spend a little more money, I would highly recommend going with a dedicated server. If you’re a business that’s steadily growing, shared hosting just won’t cut it. There are a lot of security issues with shared hosting.

You something a lot more secure. Something that can handle more traffic and has plenty of storage so you can have big pages without having to forever for them to load.

You don’t want your website to pay the mistake of someone else’s website. All your hard work could get flushed down the toilet.

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