Major updates in Plesk Obsidian 18.0.35 for better user experience (and some are big!)

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Being the highly popular web hosting control panel, Plesk is a full-service WebOps solution as well that helps customers to independently manage their entire digital journey as their business grows. The high-end R&D technologies along with a dedicated team of developers, researcher and software testing professionals allow Plesk to constantly upgrade their architecture and keep their customers delighted. 


Recently Plesk has introduced its newest version named Plesk Obsidian 18.0.35, that comes with a few major developments and a number of many small improvements to help their customers enjoy consistent and uninterrupted experience.  

You are about to read some of the main changes in this version and know how it will impact your experience: 

Neater and finer interface for quicker task completion

Your file manager can now show the SVG files and the dynamic list view has also been improved greatly with clear separating lines to distinguish at a glance between 2 domain cards. People who heavily work with control panels know how important it is to have a fine-looking, neat interface that supports intuitive working.  

Speedier domain creation process

When talking about the hosting ecosystem even the millisecond’s count- especially while working in a live environment. The wonderful team of Plesk has minimized the domain creation time by slicing mail service creation as a separate task- thus saving you four seconds during domain creation. 

Smoother domain page tasks

Now, this is big- the Add Domain page tasks become less tedious and much quicker as system user name and password boxes will now get filled automatically. Not only that but the password confirmation box has also been removed. Even the mail server settings become easier to master for the beginners as it shows hints on enabling DKIM signing for the external DNS server showing the precise DNS records that need to be added to the DNS server.  

Collectively these improvements will not only speed up and streamline the process but will also eliminate the buffers and guesswork- for both beginners and advanced users. Kudos, to the Plesk team for that. 

Other improvements for performance consistency

  • Along with these major upgrades, there are some other improvements to ensure consistent performance as well. For instance, you can now obtain subdomain information via REST API or CLI and you can easily enable mail service through CLI for the desired subdomain without being worried about inconsistencies in the Plesk database- thanks to the better, sturdier, steadier underlying architecture.
  •  You will no longer get “Domain is not resolvable” once you have disabled the domain resolution check-in panel.ini now.
  •  It is technically not possible to delete an IP address that has been assigned to a subscription without hosting.
  •  You might have come across a log warning message that could be confusing. It was created due to failed test that ran during Plesk Installation. While it didn’t interfere with the processes at all the thing caused some doubt. With the latest improvements, this unnecessary test has been removed which means you won’t get this message during installation.

These are seemingly small improvements but when working for long hours in a high-demand environment they matter a lot to maintain a consistent flow and canceling “mental or visual noise”.

Here is a list of all the changes in the newly rolled out Plesk Obsidian 18.0.35 

Enjoy using it!

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