What is VPS hosting? – EXPLAINED

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Have you ever heard of VPS hosting but not entirely sure of what it actually is?

Well in this post, I’m going to be making VPS hosting as simple as possible to understand.

If you want to know what VPS hosting is, we first need to understand these 2 things:

  1. What is shared hosting?
  2. What is dedicated hosting?

Shared hosting is where your website is hosted on a server along with a bunch of other websites.

Dedicated hosting is where only your website is hosted on a server.

QUICK FACT: A server is simply a powerful computer.

Shared VS dedicated hosting.

So what is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is like a combination of shared and dedicated hosting.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

What separates a VPS to shared hosting is when you host your website on a shared hosting plan, you have to share bandwidth and resources with other websites.

For example, let’s say someone sharing the same server as you get thousands of visitors to their website, this will also slow down your website.

With a VPS, you will be on a physical server that is shared with other websites. However, even though you’re on the same physical server as other websites, you will be given your own resources.

So you will get your own allocated amount of bandwidth, CPU power, and disk space. Your website won’t have to suffer because of the other websites that are getting too much traffic.

Here’s the best way to put it:

Shared hosting is like sharing a house with a bunch of people. You have to share the bathroom, internet, and a bunch of other things. This results in your life constantly being hindered. bed

Dedicated hosting is like buying your own house. You have to get a mortgage and pay all the bills. Sure it’s expensive, but you get everything to yourself.house

VPS hosting is like having your own apartment. Even though you don’t own everything, you still have your own space and pay a reasonable price. apartment

Benefits of VPS hosting

  • Reasonably priced
  • Fast load times
  • Secure
  • A similar level of service as dedicated hosting

So that’s pretty much it for what is VPS hosting?

Learn about cloud hosting.

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