What is the .co.uk Domain Meaning?

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Have you been asking yourself what .co.uk means or stands for when you look for domains? Or how significant the .co.uk meaning is for a website?

If you are in the process of searching for a domain name for your business website, you might find that the .co.uk version is already taken whilst the .uk may still be available for registration. But what does that mean for your domain name?

The .co.uk is more popular among business websites as it is the country-specific domain extension for the UK with ‘.co’ standing for ‘commercial’.

When your website visitors or customers visit your site with a .co.uk domain extension, they will immediately know that you are a UK business, even if your business presence is in the UK while you are based somewhere else.

Both the .uk and .co.uk are so-called country code top-level domains (ccTLD), which is an Internet top-level domain used or reserved for a country, in this case, the United Kingdom. Other UK top-level domains include ‘.org.uk’ and ‘.net.uk’.

What to consider before buying .co.uk Domains online?


The .uk domain is one of the oldest and most used domains worldwide with millions of registrations since the first one in 1985. Such a ccTLD (country code top level domain) is popular among Brits and it will immediately brand your website as 100% British.

The .uk domain is shorter and snappier than .co.uk which most people are already accustomed to use. It is easier to remember and offers shorter web addresses.

Additional benefits of the .uk domain are that people are more likely to look for your business at ‘business.uk’ than any other TLD, if .co.uk isn’t available. If your UK business doesn’t have a ‘.uk’ domain name, you might miss out on some UK web traffic, or visitors are turning to your competitors with a .uk web address.

Starting a successful virtual property to build any type of business in the UK is not easy in the competitive British web property market with 11,918,249 .uk domains registered in 2020 alone. However, it will still be easier and more affordable to find a .uk domain compared to a .com domain.

While there is no significant difference between the two domain extensions, .co.uk and .uk, there have been some changes to ‘.uk’. Anyone who has a ‘.org.uk’, ‘.co.uk’, ‘.net.uk’, ‘.me.uk’, ‘.plc.uk’ or ‘.ltd.uk’ domain can easily register to get the ‘.uk’ domain extension.

But as .co.uk is more applicable for commercial websites, it is the first choice for most UK business website owners.

Is the .co.uk Domain the best Choice?

Both the .uk and .co.uk are official domain extensions for the United Kingdom, meaning you can choose either the domain name Yourbusiness.co.uk or

Yourbusiness.uk, but registering both is even more ideal.

The .uk domain is newer and therefore less saturated, however, the .co.uk domain is more established among UK businesses and more trusted for that matter. Therefore, the .co.uk remains the first choice to register a commercial website domain in the UK.

If you are creating a new business website, you may want to ensure the domain name or brand name is available for registration for all the major .uk extensions available.

Why Choose Cheap .co.uk Domain Names with SeekaHost?

SeekaHost is on a mission to get 100 million people online with the most affordable domain registration and hosting charges and the fastest web hosting management solution, the SeekaPanel.

Getting cheap .co.uk domains doesn’t mean you are compromising on quality or performance.

Keeping the cost of your domain registration low matters because the domain renewals happen every year, two years, or five years, depending on what you choose. This cost can add up as your website will also require web hosting. Certain web hosts will often offer a .co.uk domain for under £1 as an introductory offer and hike the renewal cost up after that. With SeekaHost you initially get a .co.uk domain name for £3.65 and after that you’ll pay only £12 per year to renew it.

This is a true bargain, especially because popular new .co.uk domain names can cost up to £30 with certain providers and extremely high-profile expired .co.uk domain names can sometimes cost you hundreds to thousands of pounds.

SeekaHost also offers affordable London server hosting options for .co.uk domains. A London based server hosting your UK website in London with the closest proximity to your business location increases the loading speed as it can reach your website files super quickly.

What is the .co.uk Domain Name Registration used for?

seekahost-domain-searchAs explained above, the .co.uk domain extension is mainly used for commercial websites for a UK business. However, there are various other ways to use a .co.uk domain.

From registering your kid’s name’s domain to registering multiple new and expired domains to build a private blog network with UK websites, the .co.uk domain extension can be useful for many niche websites that target the UK market.

If you want to start a small business website for your local store in the UK or want to build a website to showcase your work portfolio for the UK job market, it is equally beneficial.

If you’re a UK blogger looking to set up a website to start your blogging journey or you want to build and monetize your WordPress website, the .co.uk domain name can help establish your blog brand.

The first step you need to take to get started with any of these options is to get a cheap .co.uk domain name with SeekaHost.

A good .co.uk domain will help you create a solid website that can be used for anything and everything targeting the British audience. And with SeekaHost’s discounted price of £3.65 for a .co.uk domain registration, you can get up to 10 domain names at this low rate.

Especially for SEO experts and PBN creators, .co.uk domain names work well. And now you don’t even have to have a big budget for that. Also, SeekaHost offers the SeekaHost app, a multiple IP address PBN hosting control panel that can help you immensely with registering your .co.uk domain and host it fast to support you on your PBN or business website journey in Britain.

A .co.uk Domain Means UK and international Online Success

As you now know, the .uk and .co.uk domain extensions are very popular choices among British webmasters and business owners as they make a website more attractive to an UK audience. They are established and trusted country-code TLDs that are used by millions around the globe, so if you want to build a mainly commercial or informational website targeting a British or English-speaking audience, it is certainly one to consider, especially due to the extremely low price at SeekaHost.

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