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Influencer marketing has dominated the social media landscape.

It’s no surprise that almost every brand today uses top influencers and bloggers to market their business.

But what can be the reason for the success of these influencers? It turns out that blogging remains one of the top contributors to influencers’ success and you will discover below in what ways.

The top female UK Bloggers listed here offer something unique by covering English pop culture, fashion, food, sports, and more. With their carefully chosen online media content, they entertain and inform their audience through their main blog and their other web channels.

We look at their marketing techniques and how they use their blogs and online profiles to reach and attract many visitors and followers, increasing their impact and net worth.

This list features the top 12 female UK Bloggers beginning with the most influential that have the most followers and a website with a high domain rating (this indicates that the blog has been referenced by other authority websites and contains quality content).

You may have even seen some of them on TV or in popular UK magazines and newspapers so check them out! And if you’re interested in the top UK male influencers, head here.

1. Zoe Sugg


Website: https://zoella.co.uk/

Domain Rating: 52
Facebook: 2.1M followers
Instagram: 1.1M followers

Zoe started her blog, Zoella, in 2009. She is a well-known blogger who has also written books and has a Superdrug cosmetics line. She carries the same name across all social media platforms and has two YouTube channels, Zoe Sugg and Zoella, with over 15 million subscribers. She also sells her beauty products through her blog’s “Shop Zella” section, where fans can buy her books, accessories, and other items. Her Instagram has the biggest following, so it is also featured on her blog. She now reviews various cosmetic products and likely earns money for doing so through affiliate marketing or sponsorships while marketing her line of beauty items.

2. Eleanor Laura Davan Mills



Website: https://deliciouslyella.com/recipes/
Domain Rating: 59
Instagram: 2.1M followers
Facebook: 343k followers

Eleanor Laura Davan Mills is a British food blogger and businesswoman best known for her food blog and brand ‘Deliciously Ella.’ Her blog is more like a store, with food goods for sale and an app with all her plant-based recipes, workout videos, guided meditations, podcasts, and more. She has turned into a successful food entrepreneur from being a food blogger and her website is now a full-stack eCommerce marketplace.

3. Giovanna Fletcher


Website: https://www.giovannafletcher.com/

Domain Rating: 38
Facebook: 616k followers
Instagram: 2M followers

As a celebrated novelist, actress, and blogger, Giovanna has many accomplishments. Her website is focused on parenting and having a successful family life. The site features articles about the subjects she discusses in her books and information about her collaborations with companies like Next and general family and motherhood-related topics. She most likely makes money through her products, channels, events, and possible sponsorships listed on her website.

4. Sammy Tremlin


Website: https://www.thenailasaurus.com/
Domain Rating: 38
Facebook: 2.9M followers
Instagram: 90k followers

The Nailasaurus is the place to visit if you’re looking for extensive nail art ideas and goodies. Each post is meticulously handpicked with stunning nail art techniques and tools to impress you. Tutorials show you how to do your nail art and get the most out of various materials. Sammy tests nail polishes, nail art brushes, stamps, and other cosmetics. She discloses on her disclaimer page that she sponsors certain products, which will be labelled as sponsored. She also uses affiliate programmes for which she is compensated and provides training through her Instagram account.

5. Kiersten Rich


Website: https://www.theblondeabroad.com/

Domain Rating:

Instagram: 520K Followers

Facebook: 210K Followers

Travel influencer Kiersten Rich (Kiki) shares hundreds of location and travel reviews on her travel blog, The Blonde Abroad. Even dedicated homebodies are intrigued by Kiki’s international travels and skilled travel guidance. She aims to assist women in “discovering the courage to travel the globe solo.” Her one-of-a-kind “Start Here” tour of her blog also shows how to plan, pack, and prepare for a trip and she features a travel shop where readers can purchase travel items and essentials recommended by her.

6. Charlotte Ann O’Shea


Website: https://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/https://www.seekahost.co.uk/how-to-start-an-online-business/
Domain Rating: 58
Facebook: 475k followers
Twitter: 66.5k followers

Charlotte founded the website Rock My Wedding, one of the UK’s most popular wedding blogs with wedding planning resources. Rock My Wedding has been a trailblazer, appearing in other essential wedding magazines around the UK and earning the title of the UK’s most celebrated wedding directory! It is primarily funded by membership fees paid for listings, and it promotes recycling and reusing wedding attire and accessories while also contributing 10% of its profits to charities.

7. Lily Pebbles


Website: https://www.lilypebbles.co.uk/
Domain Rating: 39
Facebook: 130k followers
Twitter: 226.3k followers

Lily gives reviews, style suggestions, and product recommendations from what she does in her city like a true Londoner. You’ll also get a look inside her home and family life and the opportunity to purchase her book about friendship and goods she wears, uses, and reviews, for which she undoubtedly receives commissions. She has one of the most significant YouTube followings, with about 500k followers, and vlogs about her daily life and suggestions every month.

8. Anna Newton

Anna Newton

Website: https://www.theannaedit.com/
Domain Rating: 51
Facebook: 173k followers
Twitter: 147.8k followers

Anna is a lifestyle blogger from the United Kingdom sharing her tips and experience in life management and organisation. Her blog and YouTube channel, which has approximately 500k followers, promote her organisation, remodelling, and lifestyle hacks. She also supports her blog with her books, such as “An Edited Life,” and her clothing items, which you can purchase on her blog or her Instagram shop. She also provides accessible PDF files and printables, such as weekly planners via her blog, making the most of digital products sales.

9. Caroline Hirons


Website: https://www.carolinehirons.com/
Domain Rating: 55
Facebook: 94k followers
Twitter: 107.6k followers

Caroline Hirons is a licensed aesthetician and skincare UK blogger that offers advice around beauty products with her blog showcasing her reviews. Caroline was named Best UK Cosmetic Blogger at the 2018 Vuelio Blog Awards, and she has worked as an affiliate for several well-known beauty brands, promoting their products through reviews. Caroline has a sizable social presence, with a devoted following of beauty fans due to her hard work. She has a shop on her website where readers can buy all the beauty goods and services she blogs about, allowing her to earn a profit.

10. Alice Liveing


Website: https://alice-liveing.co.uk/
Domain Rating: 25
Facebook: 86k followers
Twitter: 51.5k followers

Alice has a background as a dancer and an artist. She has turned her previous experience into a successful blogger, author, and personal coaching business by branding herself as Clean Eating Alice. Her blog features routine workout ideas, nutritious foods, and a store where you can buy her books, and you can find her exercise videos in a women’s health magazine.

11. Tanya Lake


Website: https://homegirllondon.com/
Domain Rating: 38
Facebook: 2734 followers
Twitter: 15.5k followers

Tanya uses architecture, stores, treasures, and interiors to tell the tale of London through her blog. You’ll find articles on London’s interior design trends, local furniture makers, shopping, restaurants, and tourist attractions. She openly specifies that the things she promotes are affiliate products on her social media posts. Sponsored posts, social media marketing, home/house staging, interior styling, and even content writing, SEO, and blogging training are all listed in her services list. Her services provide her with multiple revenue streams.

12. Lucy Heath


Website: https://www.capturebylucy.com/

Domain Rating: 45
Facebook: 2341 followers
Twitter: 7815 followers

Lucy is a hardworking mother and photographer who used to blog about her travels and photos in the southwest of England. She was featured in the Huffington Post and earns money from creating vinyl backdrops that she markets through her Capture by Lucy blog. Amateur and professional photographers and designers worldwide buy and use her backdrops and her blog is now mainly about these products.

How do a Website and Blog help Influencers?

A website with a blog or a website that mainly functions as a blog can assist micro-and macro-influencers in effectively expanding their brand and monetising their website content. Influencers can use a website to display their brand and share it with potential partners. Websites give the influencer more freedom with messaging and formatting while increasing their credibility as a blogger and expert.

You’ve probably heard of websites and their value in today’s online landscape. The personal blog of an influencer provides organic traffic to their website through related searches on search engines as they rank for keywords in their niche such as these fitness bloggers for example. Blogging social media influencers are more successful and reach their target audience more effectively as they can combine their blog and social media content.

While many social media stars can build a significant following on only one platform, such as Instagram or YouTube, having a website is beneficial as they completely own it. A website is more reliable and less likely to vanish or change overnight as social media accounts can be banned. In other words, as a blogger and influencer, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Customers are also getting tired of traditional advertisements, so finding innovative ways to market your brand is critical in today’s digital world. See also how female Pakistani bloggers do it.

What is the Importance of a Website for an Influencer?

A website assists in brand awareness and showcasing your brand to potential clients in a unique way. It helps form your image by revealing who you are and what you represent to the audience as you can design it as you please.

When people search the blog for a product or service like yours, they will be able to see your website and visit it for additional information if you rank high in the search results on search engines. It will provide you with the chance to expand your reach as you can interlink various online accounts with your website.

Nothing beats a solid reputation, and blogging is an integral part of that process because it allows you to express your viewpoint to your audience differently.

You can share your blog via email, social networking, and third-party sites. Then you’ll start to develop yourself as a true thought leader in your sector, and consumers will return to your blog for this industry-leading content where they can also find your social channels and follow you.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it: the best female bloggers and influencers in the United Kingdom who have forever changed the narratives and made blogging a realistic career choice have been revealed. Whatever your goals are, a blog is a crucial tool for increasing online exposure, expanding your audience, and attracting new readers. For women a WordPress blog can be extremely empowering. The original idea of blogs and blogging was journaling, and today it is so much more than that. Bloggers share their personal lives online in connection with what they use, love, and do and earn money online.

Over the last decade, blogging has shifted from being a private to being a professional affair. As we can see in the examples above, blogging can be very lucrative and turn a normal person into a celebrity and entrepreneur and many women have been able to build their own successful online businesses. So, they might also share their business tips on some of the best business magazines out there as guest authors or media placements.

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