Top 10 UK Fitness Influencers & Bloggers that Work Out for a Living

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Do you enjoy working out or love to live a healthy lifestyle by challenging yourself every day?

Or are you perhaps looking for some inspiration to become fitter, healthier, and more active?

Digital nomads working in front of a computer mostly should exercise in particular, as Fernando Raymond, CEO of SeekaHost explains in this podcast:

Either way, you may want to check out the listed top fitness influencers in the UK who you should follow, if you want to find genuine inspiration for your own fitness or blogging regime.

Whether you want to make a career or start an online business in sports and fitness or wish to blog about your own fitness journey, an online presence like the listed female and male influencers have across many internet channels will certainly boost your chances of success.

1. Joe Wicks


The Body Coach, Joseph Trevor Wicks MBE (born September 21 1985), is a British fitness expert, TV host, online celebrity, and book.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises are used in his fitness programme.

Wicks developed his business from publishing 15-minute cooking videos to one of the most popular fitness channels on Instagram and YouTube. With over 900,000 copies sold, his original cookbook “Lean in 15: 15-minute meals” was a best seller in 2015. He has developed a “90-Day Plan” that includes exercises and meals with individualized serving sizes and regularly shares exercise and food tips via his website and online channels.

Social Media: 

Instagram: @thebodycoach – 4.5 million followers

Twitter: @thebodycoach – 427k followers

YouTube: – 2.8 million subscribers

Brand Name: The Body Coach


2. Tom Daley


Tom Daley is a well-known fitness influencer and an Olympic diver who uses his website and social media platforms to uplift and encourage others.

Tom shares pictures and videos of his rigorous training for the next Olympics and some of his family’s favourite meals, from breakfast recipes to meals for muscle rehabilitation.

Social Media: 

Instagram: @tomdaley – 3.3 million followers

Twitter: @TomDaley1994 – 2.2 million followers

YouTube: – 1.1 million subscribers


3. Lucy Mecklenburgh


Lucy, who first gained fame as a TV personality, has now developed into one of the UK’s most well-known Instagram fitness influencers.

Lucy is the proud owner and CEO of Results With Lucy, one of the UK’s top online fitness platforms, which has undergone a fantastic revamp and is now known as Results, Wellness, Lifestyle. Lucy has made her mark in the fitness and nutrition sector.

The online platform is a paid subscription service that provides:

  • A friendly community.
  • Available help from fitness coaches.
  • Live exercise classes.
  • Dietary guidance.
  • More than a thousand workouts.

In addition, Lucy frequently offers her best suggestions, training videos, and recipes on RWL and Instagram.

Social Media: 

Instagram: @lucymeck1 – 1.7 million followers

Twitter: @lucy_meck – 1.4 million followers


4. Gemma Atkinson


Gemma is the author of The Ultimate Body Plan. She is well known for her significant contributions to the health and fitness sector and for encouraging others to reach their fitness objectives.

Gemma demonstrated that pregnant women can still exercise, train, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. While a first-time mother and well-known fitness influencer on Instagram, Gemma now frequently updates her fitness journey as she recovers from giving birth.

Gemma frequently shares short, simple-to-follow fitness videos as proof that parents can still fit in exercise. While talking about everything related to health and fitness, Gemma is also quite frank and demonstrates that she still enjoys unwinding, eating delicious cuisine, and enjoying life.

Social Media: 

Instagram: @glouiseatkinson – 1.8 million followers

Twitter: @MissGAtkinson – 280k followers


5. Davina McCall


Davina, a pretty remarkable figure who astounded thousands of people, is an example to women of all ages. Own Your Goals, Davina, an online gym offering access to a fitness and diet planner, recipes, and a variety of online programmes, is now proudly owned by her.

Davina posts videos of various at-home workout programmes on Instagram, along with videos of inspiration and motivation. Along with promoting exercise, Davina also promotes self-care and taking time off.

Social Media: 

Instagram: @davinamccall – 1.5 million followers

Twitter: @ThisisDavina – 2.7 million followers


6. Grace Beverley

With the launch of her three enterprises in 2019, Grace Beverley took the whole health and fitness sector by storm. All these companies—B ND, TALA, and the Shreddy app—help people reach their fitness objectives by combining affordability and sustainability.

Grace uploads inspirational messages and a range of fitness videos on her personal and professional social media pages for her followers to watch and try at home or the gym.

Social Media: 

Instagram: @gracebeverley – 1 million followers

Brands: Founder @wearetala & @shreddy


7. Chessie King

Chessie is now ruling Instagram, and she is crushing it! Chessie advocates having a healthy connection with your body and empowering women of all shapes and sizes.

While working out and exercising are essential, especially for your heart and mental health. Chessie firmly believes in body positivity or being proud of what your body has accomplished.

Chessie uses her platform and Instagram to promote body confidence and make others feel good about themselves.

When Chessie King launched her lifestyle, fitness, and explorative Blog, she quickly attracted a sizable following. She, too, experienced celebrity at a young age because of the well-known video-sharing app “TikTok.” To keep the material of her channel engaging, she consistently tries to produce innovative modelling videos.

Chessie is active on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. Her Instagram feed has over 802k followers. Although she rarely uses it, she also has a Twitter account that posts much information on her lifestyle. In a late post, she shared a self-portrait on June 2, 2020.

For WickerWood and 3 Kinds of Ice, Chessie managed social media. She has served as an ambassador and social media influencer for Adidas and Nike, Inc.

Social Media: 

Instagram: @chessieking – 764k followers

YouTube: – 7k subscribers

Brands: Founder of @welcometobabyhood


8. Alice Living


One of the UK’s top female fitness Instagram influencers is Alice Liveing, and it is clear why.

Alice keeps up with the most recent trends in the health and fitness business thanks to her extensive library of educational books and her monthly column in Women’s Health magazine.

Alice frequently publishes a variety of mouth-watering-looking meals together with short, simple-to-follow training videos to her Instagram feed. In addition, Alice has collaborated with Primark to produce her very own line of active apparel since she wants to feel and look her best while exercising.

Social Media: 

Instagram: @aliceliveing – 694k followers

Twitter: @Aliceliveing_ – 51k followers


Founder of @givemestrengthapp ⁣

Columnist – @womenshealthuk

Ambassador & DV Survivor – @womens_aid


9. Matt Does Fitness


Matt is a well-known fitness influencer and YouTuber on Instagram.

Matt frequently updates his followers on his progress while posting various fitness videos to try out on Instagram.

In addition to Instagram, Matt also uploads content to YouTube, where he documents various food and exercise challenges.

Social Media: 

Instagram: @mattdoesfitness – 1 million followers

YouTube: – 2.1 million subscribers

Brand Endorsement:


10. James Haskell


James is an expert on fitness and health because he used to play sports. James has moved past his time as a rugby player to become a well-known fitness influencer.

James Haskell Health & Fitness advocates his health and fitness company are living a better lifestyle. James promotes healthy eating since he thinks it’s just as vital as exercising, and he has written several books to guide you in doing so.

Together with his wife, Chloe Madeley, a personal trainer and nutritionist, they make a formidable fitness team.

Social Media: 

Instagram: @jameshaskell – 516k followers

YouTube: – 86k subscribers


There you go, then! What a line up, huh?

These are the most popular fitness influencers you can find online in the UK today. Follow them, if you need some inspiration to start your day full of action or to get going with your fitness career.

No matter what you do, you should certainly create a blog with a domain if you’re starting out in the UK to document your journey or share your work portfolio to impress people with your fitness levels, energy and skills.

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