7 Reasons Why A UK-based Web Hosting is Essential for UK Business Websites

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Does Web Hosting affect search engine optimization (SEO)? And emphatically, the answer is Yes!

Web hosting does affect your website SEO performance, as fast websites that load quickly with minimal or no downtime have higher chance of performing well on search engines like Google. Especially if your business targets customers in the UK, purchasing hosting with a provider that have servers in the UK will obviously provide better SEO benefits.

Besides SEO, another reason to consider a UK Web host for your business website is Brexit, as it is necessary to make plans to deal with the potential impacts to your .eu domain names. As UK business owners who resident in the UK and hold .EU domain name(s) will have some issues with their .EU domain name(s) ownership.

Find below the 7 main Reasons Why A UK-based Web Hosting is Essential for your UK business website!


7 Reasons Why A UK-based Web Hosting is Essential

The benefits of choosing a UK-based web host and server for your UK business website listed below is to help you in making guided decisions on your web properties.

1. Customer Support

If you’ve ever tried to make an international call to any company’s customer support hotline, you’ll know the frustrations and costs, associated with such calls.

Local hosting means you’ll have access to local support, with a local phone number you can reach when you have issues to resolve about your website or domains.

Also, if your web host is outside the UK, you’ll need to consider the time zone differences and how long it takes for you to contact the support if your website have any problems. Besides the cost of international calls, there’s also the issue of language barrier to consider.

If you want the best support, you should opt for a UK-based web host that has UK-based support.

2. Local Servers & IP

The speed of your website is important for better performance in search engines. And since distance of server from your website visitors, strongly impact on the speed, as data needs to travel from server to where the visitors are, so the closer the customers are to the server, the better.

In the same vein, having local IP helps your website to rank for that particular region, so having a UK IP means search engines like Google will automatically prioritize your listings for UK searches.

The overall effect is that if your website has a UK-based server, and IP, it will load faster and prioritized for UK searchers, as a result, it will rank higher in Google UK searches.

3. Data Security

Data security is a key aspect for every business, so you should take security of data into account when choosing a web host.

There are possible legal issues about the storing of data for UK websites on non-UK servers, albeit not exactly black and white, but the issue can cause problems for businesses at times, so carefully consider this. It’s vital to understand just how beneficial having a UK-based server is for your business website.

If you opt for a UK-based web server for hosting, you’ll not only evade any such problems, but also worry less about UK laws about your website and servers.

4. Affordability & Foreign Exchange Issue

There is frequent fluctuation in foreign currencies like the dollar to pounds, and having to constantly undergo exchange of currencies when making purchases is a real problem.

Also the issue of affordability is tied to actual currency and exchange rate. So having to pay in your local currency is obviously an advantage, and you don’t have to worry about any fluctuation in exchange rate.

In fact, the option to pay in local currency is a huge advantage for your UK business website from using a local web hosting company.

5. Personalized Service

A local web host is able to give personalized service, and if you need clarification on any added services, you can reach a representative directly via phone call instead going through a complex IVR (Interactive Voice Response) loop.

Also, you can get a preferential attention through swift and prompt reply via email for your personal issues without any delay.

Additionally, as a local business, they understand the local laws and changes, which means they are better placed to make recommendations and advisory services when you have any legal issue.

6. Brexit Impact on .EU domain ownership

Brexit could mean that UK residents with .EU domain name(s) will no longer be able to own their .EU domain name(s).

Albeit, there could be provisions in the deal for .EU domains that would allow UK residents to continue to use them, but Without a deal of some sort, EURid (the EU authority that sets the rules for .EU domains) has already laid out how things will go ahead.

As a registrant (owner) of a .EU domain name (either individual or a company) with a GB or GI address, you would no longer be eligible under .EU registration rules post Brexit. That means you would eventually lose your .EU domain name unless you can effect changes to your address record to satisfy the requirements.

So to still own a .EU domain, you should be a citizen of member State of the European Union, including: Norway, Liechtenstein, or Iceland. There are certainly no work-around that any domain name registrar can give. In such case, it is best to switch domain and move to a UK-based web hosting service provider.

7. Supporting Local Economy

The value of supporting the local economy or your community, is surely a reason that can influence your choice of web hosting provider.

If everyone buys or shops locally, most certainly everyone benefits, as the community progresses. It is an economic cycle that touches everyone eventually.

But not just because a company is close does it always mean it’ll provide some advantages. The priority should always be about getting a quality service and that’s exactly what you get from SeekaHost.


As a local UK business, SeekaHost Business Web Hosting offers the most reliable service, with prompt customer support for all customers. Whether you have just a simple question or need support , we are happy to serve you and respond quickly to your questions.

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