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What is the perfect online business message and how do you create it?


Let me tell you — the perfect online business message has that “wow” factor…it almost knocks you over and captures your attention.

online-business-messageIt totally compels you to want to learn more.

It is the one that your competitors secretly drool over and even though deep down they hate you with a passion.

It is the one that your customers love, although they will rarely tell you and it is also the one your friends and family can understand, without any further explanation.


You create that message with a lot of deep thought and backed by thorough research and a ton of instinct!

A good online business coach will help you get through all of it…fast.

And an excellent one will be able to tell you exactly how to turn that perfect message into perfect profits, from both an internal perspective and of course a customer one.

Many business owners see their business value proposition as one that applies to customers, but there is also a value proposition that has to apply internally, even if you are a one-man-band as your internal thoughts and actions should be aligned to your customer activity.

Your value proposition is what your business message is all about.

Starting and running a  business in the UK is a tough challenge — so much so that the Office for National Statistics has even compiled a list for business births, deaths and survival rates!

I believe that many businesses fail because they have the wrong business message — they have not researched their market and industries fully enough, to be able to provide that killer service and/or product to solve the problems that their target market is desperate for them to solve.

How an online business coach will help you

Online business coaches like myself have run their own companies, they have experienced the pain of doing so, the rollercoaster rides, the good, bad and downright ugly — they are “in tune’ with the world and language of business.


And they have definitely struggled with, and agonized over the creation of their own business message many, many times over!

I know I did.

Let me tell you creating the perfect business message consumed endless hours of my time as I knew the importance of it and when I nailed it, my business took off.

My sales team had an “anchor point” to work from and internal employees understood what we stood for.

When it came to selling and at the highest executive leadership levels, it gave me a focal point to work from and I could literally sell every product, service, and aspect of my company from that message.

So do you see the importance of having the right message?

The first thing a business coach will do is to “pressure test” your ideas and your strategy, to see how well you have thought through each and every aspect of your business.

They will put themselves in the shoes of your customers and start to ask deep and searching questions, testing how much research you have conducted and how well you know your market.

I go more into research in this article — “How to start a business in the UK” and you can get some more ideas from it.

The best coaches are constantly ahead of the game…they have to be as their subject matter expertise(SME) and not to be confused with the more traditional definition of Small to Medium Enterprise (SME), should be all about business and in its entirety.

Business coaches eat, sleep and breathe the world of business and in my case , coupled with entrepreneurship and they are extremely commercially aware, as well as being in tune with global economic trends, geopolitical threats and the effect on all markets.

They are well-positioned to look at your company and very quickly form an opinion of your sector and therefore offer specific and relevant advice on message creation or to evaluate your current business message and if it is even slightly off the mark, they will make it perfect.

They shouldn’t settle for less and treat your business as if it is their own.

Online business coaching — the outcome

At the end of the process you will have a clear, concise business message that will tell your customers exactly what you do and what the outcome is for them, plus you will have created a message that will benchmark all internal communications between your business functions and how you will then use this benchmarking to help you win more profitable sales.


Let’s get a little more specific:

Your message is the hub of everything you do and — should be able to present your company from your logo and your message — if you have a tagline, then that will simply be a conduit to the message.

When I say “present” I mean that any member of your company should be able to tell anyone what you do and what you do for your customers and this is extremely powerful.

Think of the late Steve Jobs and his message regarding the iPod — “1000 songs in your pocket.”

Can you think of what you could do with that style of the message if you had something similar and applicable to your business?

I know he had the huge Apple brand behind him, but here we are talking about a new product which went against the grain at the time and it was simply summed up with those simple, but extremely powerful words.

And now let’s take an example:

Let’s say you run a high tech advisory consulting firm and for example, your customers are CEO’s and CTO’s who need to understand that they are always at the cutting edge of technology.

Your research indicates that there is a gap in the market to provide the best consulting services to companies who want impartial and up-to-date advice on the latest technology systems to make sure they stay ahead of their competition.

You know that their in-house technology leadership is stretched to the max and simply doesn’t have the time or resources to get or keep abreast of the knowledge and information out there.

So let me give a very simple message in relation to the above:

“We make sure you stay ahead of the technology curve and take away the pressures of having to continually investigate the numerous tech-platforms that are coming to market each and every day.

We are totally impartial and have no allegiance to any manufacturer or service provider and our recommendations lead to profitable outcomes.

In the last year alone, our custom consulting services have returned our clients 5 X on their investment.”

Now I am not going to finish off with the “call to action” and other supporting information, but you can see how if I put that on the front page of a website, that it has a good chance of getting a response, provided that the marketing campaign is targeting the right clients, which of course, goes back to conducting the right research.

The message will now form the part of a sales training program and also an internal sales training program so that everyone is on the same page.

For the finance team, then they will understand how the revenues are generated and because there will be more internal communication, the sales and finance teams may for once, be in sync because they are getting feedback from the sharp end as well as understanding the problems from the numbers point of view!


In many companies and especially my own, they were not!

Now let’s look at another example and we will take a one-man-band Life Coach.

The research has indicated that the market is saturated and now we have to find a market niche to operate in and we have identified that since divorce rates are so high, there are a number of people over the age of 40 who need relationship coaching and particularly dating again!


“Let’s face it, you cannot go back to your 20’s and 30’s and start the dating game again…and thankfully, that part of your life has gone, because as they say, ‘life begins at 40,’ but you still want to find that “special person” all over again and look, I should know because I have been through this myself and I know exactly what you are going through, it’s daunting…even frightening to say the least.

That’s why I have put together a program to help you and based on my own experiences…let me share with you the 7 steps to success in relationships after 40 and just click below and get an overview of what I am going to share with you…and take advantage of my free, no-obligation call.”

The difference here is that the life coach example is far more personal, far more emotive compared to the first and more “corporate” example.

A good business coach, who can show you how to create the perfect business message can show you how to combine the two!

If you need any help on creating your business message or for help with any business matter, then get in touch with me and we will talk things through with naturally, no obligation either way.

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Neil Franklin is an award-wining entrepreneur from the United Kingdom. He provides online business coaching for startups and entrepreneurs who need guidance to build thriving businesses.

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