Why is Website Security Important?

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Learn Why is Website Security Important and 4 Major Reasons emphasizing Website Security.

Anything which is out for public use must be carefully built, secured and must be for the betterment of the society. Whether it be grocery, clothing or even a website! In the World Wide Web (WWW) domain, this holds extremely true as this domain is highly prone to getting hacked, attacked and misinterpreted, destroying the trust and physical possessions of the general public. The content you carefully design for your website takes a lot of effort and time and is basically for the general public to explore and access. No one builds their website for the sake of getting it hacked.

Owning a website makes you responsible for not only its performance but also for providing security. The untrusted website doesn’t stand a chance today. Internet users who being vigilant enough want to strictly associate with trustworthy and secured sites only. Ok, let’s discuss ahead 4 Major Reasons why Website Security is important. Read how to make sure your website is secure.


Reason 1 – Customer’s Risk

An unsecured website is highly prone to get attacked and infected easily be malicious software. This could lead to data leakage, theft of data, hijack resources, and redirect traffic, thus putting your site visitors and potential customers to high risk.

Reason 2 – Loss of Reputation and Revenue

Thanks to Google for enforcing the green lock on the websites. (Know more about it on SeekaHostSecure your website using SSL). In the year 2018, Google has raised an alarm for all the website holders that websites without SSL will be labeled as insecure. Such websites will face the wrath of SEO penalty. In the future, any visitor accessing your website will be warned beforehand and who would willingly invite danger. Such customers prevent accessing these sites in future which definitely will lose your visitors count and eventually lead to a drop in business too.

Reason 3 – Blacklisting of Websites

Imagine getting blacklisted! There are more than 10,000 sites that are being quarantined every day by Google as they lack security and often contains malware. When a user searches these sites unknowingly, the sites will have a message displayed saying ‘This site may harm your computer’. It’s an alert from the search engine that this site contains harmful content which may affect your computer. After all, prevention is better than cure. Users will keep a hand away from such sites. This sort of blacklisting will prevent more than 95% of organic traffic coming your way.

Reason 4 – Hike in Hacking

Irrespective of how small or large scale website you are handling, you can’t claim to be safe from them unless you are secured. And this ratio is exponentially increasing every month and year since the hackers can easily gain entry through any common vulnerability.

Prevention as well as Cure: Whether you are a victim of the hacker or have just started to think about security for your customer’s well-being, associating with a good website security company is a wise decision.

Though it may seem a complex, tedious and costly affair but believe actually it’s not. With the highly secure and reputed SSL certificates from SeekaHost, you can be carefree in purely running your business and your website security will be handled by the security experts. There is a wide range of choice for the security labels depending upon your websites need and functionality.

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