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#20 | July 12 2023

In this week podcast we discuss working remotely/at home and its pros or cons compared to working in the office. What is your opinion? Can you get as much done at home as you would in the office or do you think its the other way round?

#19 | July 11 2023

In this enlightening discussion, James and Fernando share their perspectives on the significant drop in views across these platforms. Is it a reflection of content quality? Or is it something more insidious at play?

#18 | July 6 2023

With Ai and bots spamming emails, contact forms and other online areas. We talk about Ai, bots and analytics for websites including how they might start verifying users and bots.

#17 | July 5 2023

We look further into why Freenom is not working. The free domain registration service seems to be in a bit of trouble with meta it seems! Find out more on this podcast!

#16 | May 27 2023

Fernando explains the difficulties in starting a business from scratch and lets us know his hardest time in business and how he got over it and grew the business despite any set backs.

#15 | May 27 2023

Staying fit as a digital nomad can be hard as you have to push yourself. Fernando lets us know his techniques on keep motivated to stay fit.

#14 | May 26 2023

How do you stay fit whilst working form home or remotely? It is important to stay fit and healthy and in this episode they discuss how they both do so whilst working on a pc or laptop.

#13 | May 26 2023

Why start blogging in 2023? James discusses why he started and why you should too. Find out what doors it opened for him and how he grew his career from a small blog.

#12 | May 25 2023

What are the best affiliate blog niche’s to go into to make the most money on your blog? Fernando lets us know his top 3 niches for creating the most income as an affiliate.

#11 | May 25 2023

Is written content dying out in the age of short and effective video advertising? We discuss the differences in todays retention and ways we like to hear information.