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James Flarakos & Fernando Raymond

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#10 | May 23 2023

Fernando discusses the Guest Posting business model and gives us some exiting incites on how we can create a successful and profitable guest posting business.

#9 | May 23 2023

Whatever happened to freenom? the Domain registration service allowing you to register .tk and .ml domains for free. Find out more in this exiting podcast.

#8 | May 18 2023

Generative Ai, how do you feel about AI that can think for itself and produce video, images or other content that might seem as if from a human.

#7 | May 16 2023

In this podcast. Fernando and James discuss elementor’s new ai feature that allows your to write titles, blogs and more using its integrated ai feature. Along with other A.I. based topics.

#6 | May 15 2023

We talk with Joey de Cordero, the owner and publisher or We find out more about what inspired him to create a blog, how he got started and any problems he faced along the way.

#5 | May 08 2023

James’s thoughts on how he stays motived as a content creator and what tips he would give to anyone else starting as a content creator or remote worker.

#4 | May 07 2023

In this podcast we discuss the future of work and businesses with the use of so many A.I. tools and we also delve into how covid effected Fernando’s own businesses.

#3 | May 04 2023

Fernando and James discuss social media addiction. How it starts, how it can effect people and there thoughts on social media addiction and how it can be helped.

#2 | May 03 2023

In this interesting podcast Fernando discusses how SeekaHost got started. Tips for starting an online business and how to best use SEO to grow your blog or business.

#1 | April 27 2023

Fernando and James discuss how A.I. is revolutionising business and blogging with the new available tools and we also look into who and what companies this may effect.