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#27 | Nov 15 2023

Have you had issues getting your site indexed on Bing? Manuela and James share their experience when trying to get their sites indexed on Bing after 2 years of no indexation. Both had different successful ways of getting their site indexed so its a great podcast to watch if you has similar problems.

#26 | Nov 13 2023

Fernando, Manuela and James discuss the difference in website builders like wix and WordPress and what advantages they found by using WordPress for website deign and SEO reasons. Find out more about their experience using Wix or WordPress.

#25 | Oct 27 2023

In this weeks SeekaCast podcast we talk about the work we have been doing for SeekaHost presents UK Business Stories. Here we have been helping SeekaHost customers and other UK businesses with media for their businesses but also to share their story with others about starting and maintaining a business.

#24 | Oct 26 2023

After some research it appears there are a number of sites that seem to have all the Udemy information including courses to download for free or buy from 3rd party sellers. Lets find out more!

#23 | Oct 25 2023

Welcome back to another podcast! Fernando and James discuss any new news about Freenom not working still after the news its getting sued by meta came out in march.

#22 | July 18 2023

In this podcast we talk about the benefits of using adobe premier pro for editing videos with its intuitive features that, along with AI. Give you one of the best editing experiences and reduces your time editing.

#21 | July 17 2023

Join James and Fernando in this thought-provoking episode of our podcast, where we dive deep into the importance of fitness in the workplace. Fernando shares his personal fitness regimen and the secrets that keep him motivated and on top of his game.