Web Design & Development

We want to help with you with website design and development. Weather you are

Starting a new business by registering a domain and buying web hosting


You are season business owner who is looking to switch to SeekaHost business web hosting services

We build websites from £300 for theme configured website and £3000 for custom build websites that loads fats and ranks well on search engines.

Each website we create comes with On Page SEO optimized and ready to launch on Google.

How we create websites?

If you are you interested in website design/development, you can ask more details on live chat support or give us a call on our hotline.

SeekaHost is on a mission to help 1 million UK business owners with domains and hosting services. So, we help you with state-of-the-art website creations with are expert designers.

Each bespoke built website it audited by SEO consultant to check the SEO friendliness for Google. So, your sites come with best chances to rank on search engines.

We do offer Google Advertising and local business directory listing services which helps the online marketing of your business.