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Private Domain Registration

Private Domain Registration is the best option to choose when you don’t want to reveal your contact or business details online. It will create a super secure layer that avoids revealing your priceless identity to scammers/bots.

Our Private Domain Registration service will do that exactly by replacing your original details with anonymous contact details.

Protect Your Domains At Just $5.00/year.

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Guard The Privacy of Your Domain

Once you sign up for your domain you will have your contact and registration details for anyone to search up. 

This can easily be done by doing a WHOIS Lookup that many security plugins let you do or simply by using the WHOIS webiste.

Domain privacy means that your main details are not shown such as emails, numbers, address that will normally be listed if anyone needs to contact you by your domain.

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Public Domain Registration


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Private Domain Registration


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Keep Your Contact Details Private

All domains will need to show the registrant, the administrator contact and the techincal contact in case anyone needs to contact you for these reasons online. As the domain owner your registered details will be used for this meaning that anyone can look it up and find your registration details.

By enabling the privacy option during registering your domain means that we will use generic company information rather than your personal information.

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Protect Your Information

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Stop Spammers & Telemarketers

By displaying your private information publicly on the internet, you can start to get flooded by telemarketers and spammers trying to sell, scam or just waste your time. 

Forms can be protected with robot checks, and this is the perfect way for you to protect your details for your domain and keep it completely private.

Using generic company information, they will not be able to access your phone or email by simply looking you up using a free service.

Hosting Your private Domain

We provide hosting for your domain; this is whether you have got your domain with us or any other domain registrar. We provide free hosting for up to 500mb. This is perfect for students, new starters, small businesses and anyone looking to start creating a website for free on WordPress.

 Our premium hosting is not only cheap by also comes with great free features such as an SSL certificate, free email account for your domain, WordPress support and much more space to use for your website from only £3.65 per year.

Benefits of Privacy for your Identity when going for Domain:

1.  High-end Protection for WHOIS personal and contact information

Don’t believe in hiding your personal contact information from the public? We make it possible by replacing the whole contact information with anonymous information from the public displaying the WHOIS database.

2.  Prevention from clogged emails.

Don’t get worked up for unwanted or spammy emails. Now everything will be gone through a proxy address which will block every email that needs to be sent to you.

3.  Shield from Callers:

Unwanted callers will be recorded and blocking the telemarketers from contacting you about anything related to them to you.

How does it Work?

Usually, when you register a domain, the ICANN regulation is to maintain the WHOIS database which should have the right contact information about the domain. From the database, any unprotected domain name’s contact details will be revealed online.

To secure your data, we provide the WHOIS privacy service by withholding your privacy, a person’s contact details will be replaced with the registrant or anonymous information. So, by saying that, private domain registration will be a lot safer than publicly visible domain registers’ information from preventing unsought calls, spam emails, and theft from sending to you.

Our service provider doesn’t require your contact information but keeps it secure and safe with us.

Once it is done, anyone who searches the domain name in WHOIS for any information will get the result with anonymous information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a WHOIS Lookup?

Answer: This is a free service used to find the information of the person who registered the domain.

What Information Can a Private Domain Hide?

Answer: Your contact number, address email and other information is replaced with generic company information.

How To I Protect Myself?

Answer: When you register your domain you can enable the privacy protection option for a small fee and protect your private details.

Can I Make Any Domain Private?

Answer: We offer this option on any domain at sign up, you are also able to add this addition to your domain even if you have registered it already.

What Is Private Registration?

Answer: When you register a domain name with any registrar typically your contact information is publicly available to help others know who registered the domain. So, to make that not visible, WHOIS Privacy or Private domain registration offers a premium service where the registrant’s name will be replaced with the registrar/anonymous information.

What Is The Difference Between Private And Public Domains?

Answer: The main concept is that the public domain details will be available to anyone while private domain registration details will stick only to registrar and not be revealed online.

How Do You Make WHOIS Private?

Answer: While ordering the private domain registration, you will be given three options to choose from. In which, you can choose ID protection which enables that feature once the domain is activated.

Do I Really Need Privacy For My Domain?

Answer: To avoid marketing/upselling calls, spammers, unwanted emails and bots, it’s must to have a private protection to your domain name.

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