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James Flarakos & Fernando Raymond

A.I. Episodes

A.I. Bits and Analytics | July 6 2023

With Ai and bots spamming emails, contact forms and other online areas. We talk about Ai, bots and analytics for websites including how they might start verifying users and bots.

Is Writing Obsolete | May 25 2023

Is written content dying out in the age of short and effective video advertising? We discuss the differences in todays retention and ways we like to hear information.

Generative A.I. | May 18 2023

Generative Ai, how do you feel about AI that can think for itself and produce video, images or other content that might seem as if from a human.

Elementor A.I. | May 16 2023

In this podcast. Fernando and James discuss elementor’s new ai feature that allows your to write titles, blogs and more using its integrated ai feature. Along with other A.I. based topics.

Future of Work with A.I. | May 07 2023

In this podcast we discuss the future of work and businesses with the use of so many A.I. tools and we also delve into how covid effected Fernando’s own businesses.

A.I. & Blogging | April 27 2023

Fernando and James discuss how A.I. is revolutionising business and blogging with the new available tools and we also look into who and what companies this may effect.