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Personal Web Hosting

SeekaHost UK website hosting provides cheap web hosting services in UK for hosting your own personal UK website with replicas of your story, live on the world of internet. So grab your package today.

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Business Web Hosting

Your UK business website is your gateway to your customers and eventual success of your business in the UK digital economy. UK Business Web Hosting package is tailored for you.

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Cheap Web Hosting

SeekaHost has cheap UK web hosting packages for who has small blog site and who has multiple blog web sites. This is to assist you to a hassle free blogging experience in 2019 & beyond. Cheapest in UK!

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Our goal is to provide an outstanding service so that if you experience any issues with your UK websites hosting, we can help.


Included Apps

Get instant access to the most popular applications for website management, blogging, e-commerce, and more through Softaculous.


Total security

All SeekaHost packages are safeguarded by enterprise grade backup solutions. Because your data really matters.


100% uptime

We guarantee 99.9% uptime each and every month and a full 45 day money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with our service for any reason at all.

UK Web Hosting Services for Personal & Business Websites

Cheap web hosting

SeekaHost UK brings you the cheapest UK web hosting services packages in the United Kingdom for your personal website hosting and business web hosting needs in the UK. Today every person or business seeks a web hosting service that is reliable, efficient and affordable.

At SeekaHost we offer you all these, the best and the cheapest web hosting plans in the market. Since the year 2000, SeekaHost based in London UK is on a mission of excellence in personal and business web hosting.

Why SeekaHost is the best web hosting services company in the UK?

With years of experience and use of the latest web hosting technologies in UK, servers and web platforms, the integrity of our systems has been tested for over a decade to assure the best performance of your websites.

Just check the performance of our site the signature of our credentials in web hosting knowledge and services that we bring.

We offer 3 levels of UK website hosting packages

  1. Personal UK web hosting packages
  2. UK Business web hosting packages
  3. Cheap UK web hosting package with Unique IPs for small blogs

The personal web hosting plans offer the cheapest web hosting prices in the market today. Our goal is to serve 100 million web hosting accounts by 2025 with our affordable web hosting packages for people across the globe to get personal websites.

Business website hosting services on the cloud

Our business web hosting packages are for small or large companies and organizations. If you are looking for VPS or dedicated servers, we offer you the best and cheapest in the market.

We do offer cloud hosting services for businesses to get online with super fast loading speeds. It’s vital to have your business website hosted on the best host that gives the optimal performance. With SeekaHost cloud hosting services you will get the opportunity to host your business website on fast loading servers.

Host your business website closer to your audience

When it comes to offering cloud hosting, we offer servers closer to your business address, and this helps the loading time. If your customers, audience is based is for example in London, we will host your website in a server based in London. This helps the loading times and gives the best performance for your website.

Cheapest but reliable web hosting services in the UK

SeekaHost maybe cheaper than any other business hosting services packages, but our hosting is reliable and 24/7 backed by the best web hosting services technicians.

The cheap UK web hosting plans come with options like an unlimited number of unique IPs for your blogs or websites that need to be kept private or not act as on the same IP address. Whether you are an SEO or digital marketer or web developer, we offer unique and ideal options for you.

Our services are backed by 24/7 professional staff with years of experience in the web hosting technology. Contact us for more details about our personal website hosting packages & business web hosting packages.